Submit your idea(s) for High Performance Parallelism Pearls (Vol 2)

You are invited to contribute to a future volume of High Performance Parallelism Pearls Volume 2 – Multicore and Many-core Programming Approaches (working title) a contribution-based book that will focus on practical techniques for Intel Xeon processor and Intel Xeon Phi coprocessor parallel computing.

Submissions received now will be considered for a volume to be published late summer 2015 (the first volume appeared in November 2014, based on proposals that were submitted in May 2014). The deadline for Volume Two book submissions for most submissions will range from February 20 to March 14, 2015. We will have a very limited ability to take a few submission later than that, so if you need an additional 2-3 weeks please request it and we will discuss (in such a case, we'll have some additional requirements to help ensure our book project can stay on schedule).

Please submit your proposal and we'll work with you to refine it as needed. Each Chapter must contain detailed technical information, include real results on processors and coprocessors, explain optimizations that help processors and coprocessors, and include examples with source code (we put the code on the web). We have editors and artists to help authors, so submissions do not need to be perfect (much easier than a conference paper!). However, real world code and real results are required!

If you would like to contribute, please fill out the form below completely and click SUBMIT. You will receive a copy of your submission in e-mail (to the e-mail address you specify).

REQUIRED: You will have results on multicore (Intel Xeon processors or others) and many-core (Intel Xeon Phi).

REQUIRED: You will show the actual code, and discuss code changes, in the Chapter. Snippets of code will be shown in the Chapter, the complete code available for download.

REQUIRED: You will provide code that is discussed to download, with instructions/Makefile to build and run.

Each proposal will be considered to be a chapter in the book with each chapter author(s) acknowledged. Jim Jeffers and James Reinders will serve as the chief editors for the book, and will assist in preparing for publication, ensuring reasonable flow and consistency. Chapter submissions will be done in Microsoft Word unless other provisions are required (LaTeX can be accepted as well). Code is required for each chapter, and plays an important part in fully communicating your programming techniques and helping others leverage your expertise. For this reason, preference will be given to submissions with code that can be downloaded, built and run in a straightforward manner. The focus is on best and practical methods to utilize parallelism for performance on both processors and coprocessors. While the math is important, please keep in mind the focus is on the computing gem so others may learn.

We will use to manage all writing submissions, this form is the first step. You may email us at with questions. Please submit sooner rather than later... no obligation, it just starts a conversation with us.

What is your name, as you wish it to be published as the chapter author(s) ?
What email would you prefer we use as the primary contact ?
What is the best phone number to reach you at (list several with explanations is needed) ?
What might a working title (short) for your chapter be ?
What would a more detailed explanation of your chapter idea be (please limit to 800 characters) ?
When can you submit your material completed (per prior question) ?
We’d like to see chapters be 10-30 pages long. What is your best guess as to how long do you think your chapter will be including select code listings (or complete code listings as you feel is appropriate) ? Please estimate in "conference pages" (full pages)... the book pages will actually be smaller and the published length will be longer by about 50%.
Who else have worked with on this code? Please explain their role in the project, where they work, what position they hold in their job. Also note if you elect they might help in the chapter work. (800 character limit)
What else would you like to say about your proposal (please keep short) ?