Update on progress toward "High Performance Parallelism Pearls"

Our project to publish a set of real world examples is on track to publish this year. We hope that will be "Volume One" because we had to turn away a number of great proposals that would not fit our space and/or schedule.

We are accepting proposals for a second volume now - if you are interested, drop us a note (visit to fill out a form completely and click SUBMIT - no obligation, just to let us know your thoughts). The deadline for Volume Two book submissions will likely be March 7, 2015.

Our upcoming book High Performance Parallelism Pearls – Multicore and Many-core Programming Approaches, a contribution-based book, focused on practical techniques for Intel Xeon processor and Intel Xeon Phi coprocessor parallel computing. It has 69 contributors and 27 contributed chapters. Example code will be available for download by the time the book is published.