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Book is fully in the production department at Morgan Kaufmann

As of today - the book is in final production steps... we have proofreading to do still, but everything is in the production department at Morgan Kaufmann - on track to see books in February 2013.

As a teaser - here is the outline for the book:

Chapter 1 - Introduction
Chapter 2 - High Performance Closed TrackTest Drive!
Chapter 3 - A Friendly Country Road Race
Chapter 4 - Driving Around Town:Optimizing A Real-WorldCode Example
Chapter 5 - Lots of Data (Vectors)
Chapter 6 - Lots of Tasks (not Threads)
Chapter 7 - Offload
Chapter 8 - Coprocessor Architecture
Chapter 9 - Coprocessor System Software
Chapter 10 - Linux on the Coprocessor
Chapter 11 - Math Library
Chapter 12 - MPI
Chapter 13 - Profiling and Timing
Chapter 14 - Summary

We expect that to come out just over 400 pages.