HPCwire: COSMOS Team Achieves 100x Speedup on Cosmology Code

An article about our discussion of the work from Chapter 10 ran in HPCwire: COSMOS Team Achieves 100x Speedup on Cosmology Code. Unknown to us at the time, Tiffany Trader at HPCwire attended our talk at IDF in San Francisco on August 19, 2015. She enjoyed our talk... I think our enthusiasm about this work showed!

The "100X" speed-up is real - and compares Intel to Intel. Nothing in it was an attempt to mislead anyone - it was not a comparison of products from different companies in any attempt to mislead.

The team truly gets their analysis done 100X faster than when they started. It's a great example of "code modernization" - and the authors shared step-by-step their thinking as they made nine distinct changes to their code, discussing each one, on the path to higher performance on processors and the Intel Xeon Phi coprocessor. The tracking of performance improvement for both with the same changes is remarkable as well. There is a lot to learn from their example. In fact, readers of our Pearls books know that both volumes are full of teaching examples like this. "Just parallelism" as we are guilty of saying on occasion. It's not easy - but neither is regular programming.

We really like how the article captured our enthusiasm in presenting this work.